Lithuanian Love: Deividas & Gintare!


by Kris Milano

Say hello to Deividas & Gintare, our featured Couples Project article this week. They hail from Lithuania. Although their country is in the colder latitudes, their love and romance for each other is hot as the tropics and full of joy and committment. The type of joy that lights up the future and brings bright tomorrows. We won’t ruin the rest. This article is a must read for those who love romance.  And don’t forget to check out their photo gallery!

He Said (Io amo mia moglie…):
Lithuanian:  myliu savo žmoną. Ji nuostabi.


  1.   When did you know you loved Gintare (Insert wife’s name)?

“Actually it happened very soon after we met, I just realized that I want to see her every day and every night, and it was something new for me because I always was very independent guy. She changed everything for me.”

  1. What does love mean to you?

“Love for me is the freedom to be with somebody you really care about. Love makes me a better person.”

  1. Where did you meet and what did she do that got your attention?

“As most of couples nowadays we met online, but we were talking for a month to each other till we went to date. I knew I would like her in real life because she has very good sense of humor and I loved it. Of course she was very beautiful as well.”

  1. How long did you date before you got married?

“I couldn’t say we dated for all those two years, until we got married because we started living together after three months of dating. Everything was happening so fast but we were very excited about our love.”

  1. What is your favorite romantic thing to do?

“I love to go for a walk on warm evenings with my wife holding each-others hands somewhere in the park or old town of our city, then stop in some café for a cup of tea. Sometimes it’s nice to spend some time together and talk on a quiet evening.”

  1. Do you train together and does she support your bodybuilding?

“We use to train together but now she workouts on TRX, but she supports my bodybuilding and she knew from the beginning that this sport is the passion of my life. Actually I started to show better results when we started living together because my life changed, my food became better and parties became not so important thing in my life as before. So she is my key to success.”

  1. What was the most memorable thing about your wedding?

“Probably the moment when my she said yes during the wedding ceremony, I was so happy.”

  1. Where did you propose to her at?

“It wasn’t a big proposal, it was at home during Christmas present exchange. The ring was hidden in her gift, and when she found it finally and realizes what it is all about. I took to a knee and asked for her hand, and she said yes.”

  1.    If you could pick one word to describe your wife, what would it be in English (give Lithuanian word too)

“Amazing (Nuostabi)!”

She Said (Io amo il mio marito…):
Lithuanian:  myliu savo vyrą.


  1. What is love to you?

“Love is the feeling, when you can be with somebody and by yourself all the time, without any hidden minds.”

  1.    Is Deividas romantic?

“Deividas is not very romantic, just like me, but he is very attentive and cares about me a lot. Romantic moments comes to us unexpected when we spending our time together.”

  1. When you met each other, what did you like about him?

“I liked his sense of humor and his optimistic attitude to everything, and his big strong arms.”

  1. What was the funniest thing he did while you dated?

“I can’t recall one of funniest things, but all the time we spent together was fun and exciting.”

  1. What do you love about him the most?

“I love that he is strong not just from outside but his personality as well. He has strong character and high goals in his life, which he’s trying to reach persistently. That’s what I love about him the most.”

  1. Is it a lot of work to love a man who bodybuilds(food prep, shakes, workouts)?

“Yes, it is! This is because when he is preparing for contest, he spends all his time training, making food and thinking about the competitions. Not much time remains for me, but season by season I’m getting used to it and I know that after the contest period; everything will be fine again. Of course, I support him as hard as I can and I’m celebrating his wins victories with him all the time too.”

  1. Goals for the future?

“I believe that we have everything we need, so our next step is probably children.”


In conclusion, thanks to Deividas and Gintare for sharing their story with us. MILANO411 wishes them all the best in the future.

Want to see more of Deividas Guyz (He gives great exercise info., too!):


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