Laura Pausini – Tornerò (Con calma si vedrà)


Hey fans and friends. We were saving this one for Valentine’s Day. But it was decided by both offices to move ahead with it. So we give you Italy’s lovely Laura Pausini. She is the center of attention in this very steamy video. Ladies will like this a lot, because it features some extremely healthy studs fighting for her affections. We hope as we approach Feb., that you don’t find yourself in such conflict. Always remember, it’s better to dance it off, then fight. Ciao from Milano…

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: As we go into Year 3 of the magazine, we’re going to bring you a hot mix in our Music column or section, of both Italian and English music. So have an open mind and ear and learn the sounds of Italy. We’ll always keep it funky regardless of what language it is. Ciao from Milano…


Fan Mail

“Hello Milano411 or Ciao. First, Happy BD to U. I live in MN and it is the land of cold and snow. But your site always warms my husband and I hearts. My name is Carol. I’m 32 y/o and my husband is 27 y/o and we wanted to take the time to say thanks for such a cool site. MILANO411 is fun and sometimes edgy. But we like how it is a fashion blog or magazine for both sexes. You have great content for women. I send your hunks to my single girlfriends and my husband reads your Muscle column and the one you have for Straight Men. I think you guys are great and keep it coming. I’ve always had a love for fashion and my husband works out a lot and could easily model for you (see attached photo). He likes the fact that the magazine hasn’t forgotten about real men who want to look good. I’ve been to Italy twice and we’re saving up to go in 2019. So please more Italian stuff. We love it. Take care and big kisses and muscle hugs from us in Minneapolis. Ciao”



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