Lady Gaga: Venus (Drew Stevens Remix)


Lady Gaga – Venus (Drew Stevens Remix)

Lady Gaga is here this week, with a mix that’s perfect for our two themes. Every DAVID needs a VENUS….

So with the help of DJ/Producer Drew Stevens and the late and great Italian painter Botticelli, we bring you something to shake your BOOTY:

Lady Gaga: Venus (Drew Stevens Remix) | MILANO411

The David issue was a success! We thank everyone who sent letters of love, support, no hate, and interests in MILANO411. People sent pics of their men. Men sent pics of their BROs. Even mothers’ sent in photos of their adult sons and college-aged GRANDSONS! Really (see fan mail below). Well, The David is in Florence but he’s forever in the hearts and MINDS of you guys. Remember, MILANO411 is committed to having fun, but also making impact in people’s lives. Putting HEART back into fashion and hopefully LOVE & PEACE in the minds and souls of the world. Ciao from MILANO…

Lady Gaga: Venus (Drew Stevens Remix) | MILANO411

Lady Gaga: Venus (Drew Stevens Remix) | MILANO411

SUMMER OF SCI-FI STARTED…Well officially on June 10th. If you’re down with the future and wish to be interviewed or possibly want to model, please contact us. Thanks for the great letters…


“Hello MILANO411. I hope your summer is going well. My name is Joanne. I’m 67 years young and I personally want to thank you for your site. I’m Italian-American (and fabulous like your publication!) and it’s nice to see things about Italy. Also, it’s nice to see something that doesn’t have Hollywood stereotypes! You know how Italian men are portrayed. Not always nice. I like this because I like what you said about the site being like a ‘guidebook’ or ‘activity book,’ for people who don’t know about Milan. First, I’ve lived in Milan 20 years ago and had a wonderful time. The clubs, the stores, the food. Your magazine is a good memory. I lived there for one year with my late husband Frank (God Bless!). Well now I’m here in Ohio. And have fond memories. I like the site for it’s music. I like your fashion choices and I like your men. Very sexy and fun. I also need to add I’m writing you for my grandson Jeremy. He just turned 20 and he is very handsome. He goes to the gym and is a personal trainer. Girls his age thinks he’s sexy. I’ve included a photo with this letter. I want him to possibly model for you. He is going to NYC to work with a photographer. Hopefully you can do something. Ok…I’m also loving The David issue. That was smart for your magazine. Looking forward to your coverage of fashion and science fiction. Very nice. Ok…Ciao from Ohio (Toledo). Thanks so much for your site. Great work to Mr. Kris Milano and his team of creative folks.”

MILANO411 Response:

“Joanne…thanks so much for a nice letter and comments. We work very hard for our readers. Please have your grandson e-mail our NYC office. We be glad to check him out. If he works for our concept. We will work with him. Ciao and thanks so much….(Kris Milano, Publisher of MILANO411.COM)”

Photo Essay of Barney Xavier (from Brazil):

The David is Barney Xavier (Brazil)

4LADIES (Gifts for Him):