Lady Gaga: Donatella (Leonardo Sabatini Remix)


MILANO411 is proud to offer this dance gem of Lady Gaga doing a great tribute piece to Donatella Versace. This mix is fast and the video is packed with images of the Versace brand, and Gaga. Perfect to get ready to go to the club, dance at home, or workout at the gym. Don’t stay out too late. Ciao from Milano…

For more Versace go to: http://www.VERSACE.COM

Ladies! And those exceptional Gentlemen who know they have something to show to the WOMEN; we offer this muscle man treat of Mr. Mark Scott for Doing a great promo to VERSACE! Eros is perfect for a man who wants to smell good for the special lady in his life.

Ciao from Milano and Happy Birthday to Mark Scott….

Lady Gaga: Donatella (Leonardo Sabatini Remix) | MILANO411

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: DO you want to model like Mark Scott and show off your hard work in the gym? If YES, DM us on Facebook or send e-mail (FB). List real profile with real photos. Do not send photos of Jay Cutler and say you live in London. We don’t have time for that BS, and neither should you. Looking for real men 18 to 40 who PUMP in the gym and got MAN CURVES to show off for WOMEN! If you have the GOODS, we’ll e-mail you and go from there.


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