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We find ourselves in a strange, yet fun place for the summer of 2018. First the Summer of Sci-Fi is almost one month old of it’s original MILANO411 three month mission. To journey fourth and spread love to distant galaxies and knowledge too. This Trek through the stars also drops us in the heart of Gay Pride (LBGT). Ah…the people of Gay Pride Prime are great galactic citizens. The food, the clubs, the drag shows, the gyms (with coffee shops and vid screens), the museums, and of course the price of the real estate too. You say 1.5 million galactic credits for a one bedroom. Get out of here! A futuristic vision which we hope the Gay community reaches and does so in peace, love, and acceptance of the STR8 community too.

Yes, the Rainbow Flags are back and ain’t nobody going to stop them, with the exception of closed minded societies in the developing world. But they’re not in the Federation anyway. Our hearts go out to those in the repressed regions of the world and we pray and chant; that things improve one day for you guys. And our love and hearts also go out to those who live in the so-called enlightened Western democracies. But awareness to a Muscle Community that has come a long way since the early days of Arnold on certain subjects. To our Muscle readers, you’re going to be OK. Breath and think protein shakes and read our list of things to learn from a Gay Bro.

MILANO411 hopes that you guys (LBGT Community) continue to push those boundaries in brotherhood and share experiences and learn. Accept Gay and Bi and even Lesbian bodybuilders. All of you are on a quest for MUSCLE (The Holy Grail!). Keep that in your hearts.

With this post, MILANO411 officially wishes everyone a HAPPY PRIDE and try not to party too hard. There’s still a lot of Civil Rights work to do Scooby Doo! So beware too much candy, try to love, be careful of the floats if you’ve had too much to drink. And Cinderella in drag, may really be a Prince Charming. Try to know people that all don’t have HOT BODIES. RESPECT GAY/LESBIAN seniors and just LOVE….Also, play SAFE.

Ok…Ciao from Milano!

  1. DECOR: Can teach you how to decorate your pad. If you’re single, they can turn the college male pad into a love nest that gets women…think about it.
  2. GAY HUSBAND: Introduce the gay man friend to your woman. Encourage them to hangout. That means when she wants to go to a festival or arty thing, you can stay home and watch the game. Her new Gay Husband can take her out. No worries of any funny business. Only works with 100% Gay Guys. Bi dudes, no way!
  3. EXPAND YOUR HUMANITY: Meeting someone who doesn’t automatically think like you. Thus creating growth…






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