Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams. Both, for us, are legends. MILANO411 has a soft spot for these two Euro-Dance giants. If you don’t know who they are, get schooled. Most of today’s music sucks, in our opinion. So we’re posting the remix of some very funky songs; also in 2018 and beyond, MILANO411 will be the place to find about rare and unreleased tracks. So get off your booty and hit the dancefloor. It burns fat, unlike certain illegal white powder substances. Ciao from Milano….


Fan Mail:

“MILANO411 is my morning spot. The name is Max. I check it on my phone after I shower and I especially like the music. I live in Arizona. A town so small and fucking boring, I’m embarrassed to say where. Me (for your survey): 29 y/o, Hispanic (Mexican/Ecuadorian Mix!). I workout a lot and have dreams of leaving this shit hole. Must be honest, the only thing I knew about Milan was that it was in Italy. After watching vids and reading articles on your site, I want to know more. Keep up the hard work. Happy Birthday and good luck in 2018. More Kylie Minogue. I also must be honest, I thought she was dead. I only knew that queer kid’s song locomotion. I thank you for showing me that she drops some club tracks too. A buddy of mine who I workout with who is originally from Spain; says she’s big over there. I just want to say, please post more of her dance stuff. She’s one hot M.I.L.F. that I like to show a good time. Thanks again MILANO411!”