Kylie Minogue: Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head (feat. New Order)


This is a re-edited/extended version of one of our favorite Kylie Minogue songs, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. A special remix made with one of the New Order’s best hits of the 80s “Blue Monday.” There is no official video out there featuring this mix. There is only the MTV Europe performance. MILANO411 is presenting visions of the future, via FUTURO_2018. Our take on the future, futurism, hope, utopia, and the dreaded dystopia.

To our readers, strive for Utopia. Yes, it’s a dream. But for anyone that had a goal, planned it, then executed it amongst negativity knows this. Especially after it was achieved. To later find out that it was possible, even when friends and family scoffed.

So journey with the sexy Kylie Minogue, into a future vision of tomorrow. Also checkout the clip below from the classic film Logan’s Run. This video is based on that 1970s sci-fi classic. Kylie Minogue’s art director drew a lot of inspiration from this flick. Ciao from Milano…

AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son!



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