Kevin Gates: I Don’t Get Tired! (Luca Brasi Mix)


The REMIX. is proud to present Mr. Kevin Gates. Or, in Italiano, Senor Gates. Offering HIP-HOP flava for the masses. Breaking it down and exposing the underground. It’s RAW baby and perfect for chilling with your Boys or Girls or going to the gym. Or smoking, organic substances used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes, prior to the arrival of the Europeans in The New World. Hmmmm……

Play safe young people! Ciao from Milano….

This video is dedicated to Mr. Mark Scott or otherwise known as MR. MILANO411. He’s our first spokesmodel and Muscle Model Athlete for the site. We love working with Mark and today is his BIRTHDAY. SO on the behalf of the staff of We wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! OR:

Buon Compleanno!

Kevin Gates: I Don’t Get Tired! (Luca Brasi Mix) | MILANO411