Jens Dalsgaard: The Beast (Chapter 1)

95 is proud to present Jens Dalsgaard from Denmark. He’s a monster for this Halloween Season and drops The 411 on how he went from juvenile delinquent to what he is today. A transformation beyond belief. From the negative to something better; but is it positive; we can’t tell you. Discover a complex muscle hero for the 21st century, who we see only good things happening in the future; if he keeps focused on films and expanding his brand and consciousness. Ciao from Milano…


THE BEAST – is a bodybuilding mini series event focused on Jens Dalsgaard, also known as The Beast. After being sentenced to prison, Jens found new meaning in the form of bodybuilding and transformed his life. Now a massive titan covered in tattoos and a fiery beard… he faces the world no longer a prison but as a beast. The Beast is a 4 part mini series and airs every Saturday.

It’s rare that a person has one defining moment. A specific point where everything changed. But Jens Dalsgaard had this moment that transformed his life forever. After being sentenced to prison, Jens stood at a crossroads. Would his life end as a prisoner? Or would he find new meaning in living as a free man. Jens chose the latter and upon being released turned towards bodybuilding as a way to clean up his life and become a positive force in the world. Now known as ‘The Beast’ = Jens is covered from head to toe in tattoos, sports a massive beard, and also a mass monster frame that could intimidate even the strongest of men. Yet there is more to ‘The Beast’ than mounds of muscle and tattoos. There is a man with a story.

For the first time ever get to know the man behind the beast. Our cameras followed Jens accompanied by confessional-style video interviews recorded by Jens himself. This is an uncompromising view of the life of ‘The Beast.’ In the premiere episode of this 4 part mini series, Jens sets out to define what it means to be Jens Dalsgaard. Check it out above!

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