Jean Paul Gaultier: #JPGLovesMexico – Private Tour w/Violet Chachki & Victoria Volkova


SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2020 – Designer Tribute to JEAN PAUL GAULTIER!

We find ourselves in the future! We have a pandemic (no zombies yet). Super fast tech. Video phones (as predicted by Space:1999 and others). Soon to go to Mars. The tech front has wonders. The social front offers troglytes, racists, Russian Digi-Terrorists, lazy people, and just plain stupid folk. You know the normal “swamp creatures” who normally have no creativity. But in the swamp, lies flowers of hope and true beauty. Jean Paul Gaultier, never a victim of doing what people want. Always pushing forward and taking chances. Making fashion be about statement with love. Making it mean something more than sticking your nation’s flag on everything from t-shirts to toilet paper. Jean Paul Gaultier is the zoologist of contemporary culture and picks out the best parts of the sometimes swamp-like world and makes things work for fashion. Making clothes that push boundaries and make you stand out.

So it is fitting that we journey to Mexico and meet the lovely Violet Chachki. She drops The 411 on why she loves Jean Paul Gaultier and why you should too. A fun video to watch and learn about the wonders of MEXICO and the fashion genius that is Jean Paul Gaultier.


During the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Anahuacalli Museum, tribute to Mexican culture, Violet Chachki and Victoria Volkova reveal their favorite fashion pieces.
#JPGLovesMexico #DiaDeMuertos


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