James Grage: The Complete Leg Workout!


Here’s your complete A-to-Z leg workout routine for building bigger and stronger legs. In this video we take everything from past videos, on how to target muscle growth in your hamstrings, quads and glutes, and bring it all together in a complete leg workout. We cover exercise selection, sets, reps and tips and tricks to target your weak areas.

First we go through a working warm-up superset of leg extensions and leg curls. We do 4 total sets to get the quads, hamstrings and glutes pre-fatigued before we move over to squats. Here we cover the proper way of how-to do a squat. After we move to lunges, where we first talk about an alternating lunge to help target more of the quads, followed by walking lunges to help target more of the glutes and hamstrings. Next we cover the two types of deadlifts – the stiff legged deadlift, for targeting the glutes and hamstrings, and then a dumbbell deadlift for putting a little more emphasis on the quads. Lastly we cover some alternate exercises, such as hyperextensions, as well as proper technique and form for the leg press machine.

This is your ultimate how-to build big legs routine.

– James Grage “The Muscle Geek”


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