J.J. Schelling: New MILANO411 Menswear Editorial Model


J.J. Schelling: New MILANO411 Menswear Editorial Model | MILANO411

FROM MILANO411.COM (For Immediate Release): 

MILANO411.COM SPEAKS: With great pleasure we offer our readers and fans, some positive and uplifting “summer diversion.” This one is good for your eyes and easy on the waistline. The staff of MILANO411.COM magazine is very proud to present to the world our newest member of the MILANO411 Promo Marketing Team. **His name is J.J. Schelling and he is from CANADA.**

J.J. Schelling is our first model from CANADA and we’re very proud to have him. He is a handsome muscle-athlete, and works heroically in the medical profession. An avid bodybuilder and nice guy with a heart of gold. MILANO411.com is more than honored and proud to have him work with us this fashion season. In his role, he will join our other successful Menswear Editorial models and do fashion spreads for the magazine. He’ll work with creative directors, fashion stylists, and more here at the magazine. His first article comes out this week and he will be shot by us, as soon as the “chaos on the streets,” calms a bit.

J.J. Schelling: New MILANO411 Menswear Editorial Model | MILANO411

J.J. Schelling has many interests and friends describe him as a nice guy with a “Big Heart.” He’ll be doing promos for both Italian and American fashion brands, but he’ll also do exclusive work for our French designers as well. J.J. Schelling will also be coming to both NYC and Europe to work with our network of creatives too. So, we welcome our Muscle-Bro and friend to the team and our office is looking forward to working with him. Buona Fortuna! (Good Luck in Italiano!) to this very sincere and loving young man with a solid “work ethic.”

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: J.J. Schelling has a DAVID ISSUE article coming out in June. It will appear on the main magazine site. J.J. has a physique and values of THE DAVID. Learn more this month. Want to come model with us? Reach out and contact us for more details.

J.J. Schelling: New MILANO411 Menswear Editorial Model | MILANO411



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