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America is a big country. Much bigger than Italy of course. Depending on when you were educated and your parameters; Italia is the size of America’s CA or minus our islands; bigger than AZ; but of course smaller than Cali. So covering her muscle scene and up-n-coming talent in the land of the Brave and home of the Free; can sometimes be difficult. But our “little birds,” to quote the HBO TV show Game of Thrones; discovered a muscle BRO who is very up-n-coming talent on the American Culturista Scene (bodybuilding). That would be Mr. Benedykt Miller. Sporting an Italian heritage in his veins with some other Euro countries too (see his back tatts for reference and flags), Benedykt sat down with us and gave us The 411 on what he does to create his INCREDIBLE physique, his bodybuilding career, and whatever else we asked him.

  1. Describe your journey into competitive bodybuilding and pursuit of the muscle aesthetic? (When & why did you get started?)I’ve always appealed to the larger muscular superhero like physiques as a kid. I was chunkier and heavy set as a kid; so when I got into middle/high school age range, I started working out harder and harder and making nutritional changes for the better. My dad taught me a lot of basic lifts but the rest I learned from reading bodybuilding magazines. I always found a home away from home, in a gym, but it wasn’t until I met two pro bodybuilders at the end of their careers about to retire. That event changed me for the better. They introduced me to meal prepping and fueling your muscles with the appropriate nutrients for the physique I desired. As I grew and advanced my physique, and my confidence grew as well. The dream of bodybuilding became more of a possibility and a reality. Being of a naturally softer, fluffier physique I have to work extra hard and stay on top of my nutrition. I developed a “fat complex” as a kid and that complex drives me to this day, not only fit and muscular but healthy.
  2. What’s the hardest part of about working fulltime without big-name sponsors and lifting? Any suggestions for guys in the same situation?I think the hardest part for an amateur bodybuilder without sponsors is the cost. In America, it’s cheaper to be unhealthy. Soda costs less than water! Competitive bodybuilding is not cheap on many levels. You have coach/trainer fees, contest fees, gym fees, supplement costs, and most of all food costs. Bodybuilders need a lot of food. I recommend stability financially, before pursuing a sport such as bodybuilding. A good supportive team and friends helps too.
  3. What contests did you do this year and what is next on the list?My first show this year, was in March 2016. It was the Sunshine State and CJ Classic held in West Palm Florida. It was my second show and I moved up to heavyweight from light-heavyweight in my first show. I competed in both the “Novice” and “Open” divisions. The Novice division is teens and beginner bodybuilders, typically no weight classes. The Open Division is any age and height weighing within the designated weight classes. My next, third, show is going to be in August 2016. It will be the Tim Gardener Extravaganza held in Tampa, Florida. I had coaches/trainers for my first two shows, but this time I will be doing my prep on my own knowledge. Focus is to be ripped and shredded, weight doesn’t matter for me. I will get bigger in time.
  4. What is your favorite body part to work out and why?

    I would have to choose two muscle groups for favorites to train; legs and back. My legs have always been one of my strongest muscles. Training legs you feel so powerful afterwards. Having nice thick symmetrical legs on stage is key too! Back is another thick strong muscle, that just gives you this lift in your spirit and a “Cloud 9” feeling. I personally look for a big powerful back and thick chiseled legs in bodybuilders, and consider that to be an ideal physique to aspire too. Every bodybuilder should have both. Lol
  5. What are your favorite menswear designers to wear?

    would describe my style as muscle-tough. I don’t like the word thug, but some would call it that. I love vintage and kind of creating my own style. Cutting off the sleeves of shirts. T-shirts with bodybuilding themes or gym logos or positive sayings. But if I had to describe my favorite designers, I would say I like Calvin Klein, Armani, and really liking Anthony Morato too. I love baseball hats too.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: That’s The 411 people. Thanks Benedykt for sitting down and showing the world your style, flava, and all that makes you, in a word, you. Readers, discover more on Benedykt in his gallery and also checkout him and his lovely wife Elivia, who he is deeply in love with:

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