Couples Project – Valentine’s Day 2018

Ryan Hodgson is an online fitness coach, helping clients to lose weight and feel better about themselves. He run's his coaching business, Hodgson Health, with his beautiful wife Elly too. They are both 2 x best selling authors and have been public speakers and have our very own podcast. He loves and lives to connect more people to share his passions with. He is a massive foodie and loves helpping clients with their nutritional struggles and in fact created a guide to help simplify things which you can download for free - hodgsonhealth.com/flexibledieting We asked Ryan, who we're proud to say is a friend of the site and asked…


Caleb Blanchard: Multidimensional Muscle…

You've seen the pics before. A man who is built in the dimensions of a God. With the blessing of Zeus and a body that is straight from Mt. Olympus. Sometimes covered with Herculean hair that makes women wish he was single, other BROs jealous or just having brotherly envy; and putting hardcore muscle fans into a sometimes heated frenzy. Tissues are only needed, because you're crying tears of wishful thinking that states: "Why not me...why don't I look like that?" You've heard all that before and MILANO411 is here to tell you the answer to the question above, for…


Sharon Stone is BACK!!!

She drop The 411 is this Homes of the Rich and Famous, style of video. She reveals some juicy details about her career hiatus and views on family. MILANO411 loves this video, because it's a wonderful mix of Old Hollywood glamour style with a modern and quite relaxed edge. Sharon shows you what a hard working woman in Hollywood has done with her money. The evidence is her spectacular and Italian-inspired villa in LA. Where else do the stars live? Well they live in NYC, Paris, and of course here in Milano. They definitely shop here in the Great City…


Metatron: Warriors Of The Future – A Study Of The Evolution Of Warfare

Welcome to my channel. On this channel I speak about  :D A study from Prehistoric times to the far future. This is a wonderful essay told by one of our favorite channels and from Italy too; Metatron. His YouTube channel, in his own words; covers four (4) things: "languages," "videogames," "Medieval weapons and Armor" and "History" and much more! If you are interested in one of these topics please make sure to watch his videos and if you want Subscribe for more content, see at the end of this post. This essay was perfect for our Sci-Fi Issue. Metatron is a wonderful…


Kristie Wolfe’s Hobbit Home!

Come discover this lovely lady's dream, as she breaks stereotypes on beautiful young women. Originally we were going to put this in our DIVA section or column. Many men in both our NYC and Milano office couldn't even imagine doing what Kristie did. Inspired by the success of the Hawaii treehouse she built for $11,000, Kristie Wolfe began searching for land to build a “Hobbit”-inspired village. Knowing that there is land to be found for cheap in this country (she bought her Hawaii property for $8000), she began to search the Northwest for sites. “There’s a lot of land everywhere,…



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