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Jesse James – Hunk/Heartbreaker…

Jesse Huerta, aka Jesse James is a work of art and a legend in the making. With hot model looks and strong following on the web; Jesse is an outlaw of hearts for women. But on top of the great man package deluxe; Jesse is the essence of the MILANO411 Renaissance Man that women are looking for and men want to admire and aspire. On top of spending time in the gym (palestra); he also is in a band called Hindsight. Rocking Texas taverns to the max and slaying red state ears with metal that is not to be missed or dismissed. We took a few moments to sit down with Jesse who dropped the 411 on what he’s about and what makes him so damn sexy.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: You can see more of Jesse @ – www.jessehuerta.com

How long have you been working out and what started your journey?

I have been working out for around 16 years now, I started my senior year of high school when I joined the power-lifting team.

What have you been doing in terms of competitions over the past 2 years?

For the past 2 years I’ve competed in the NPC Men’s Physique division all across Texas.

Do you like be a Physique Competitor and why?

I do! I know most physique guys get made fun of for not being “beast” like the bodybuilders. Although I respect the hard work body builders do; I do not feel my best look would be to be that massive. Being 6’0 and around 230 lbs., in the off season is “big” for me; so I couldn’t imagine being any bigger. Not to mention being in physique condition allows me to do more modeling or fashion gigs than as if I had more mass.

How long have you been modeling and how did you get started in doing that?

I did a lot of modeling when I was younger for around 3 or 4 years, I started when I took some photos for guy named Chet Yeary; who I eventually became great friends with. I then gave it up after a few years to focus on my music career, only to pick it back up years later.

Favorite menswear designers?

This is a very hard question, as there are so many designers I love. However, these days though I tend to wear what will fit me and make me look great than what is trending. So I’d say I like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren are tied for my favorites.

Plans for 2016 and next year for your body, competing, and modeling?

I have some big plans for 2016, outside of expanding my fitness brand I will be headed to Pittsburgh for the IFBB North American in August. I will be battling against the top competitors in the nation for a pro card in the Men’s Physique division. I will also be helping out a few sponsors by working booths in expos and have this great opportunity with Milano411.com to do some promotional modeling.

What are the best exercises to get your stomach in shape?

I get this question a lot and have wondered this myself, the best thing to get abs are cleaning up your diet. 80% of abs are eating healthy, lowering your body fat percentage, and the other 20% is exercises. 3 exercises I personally use are: 1) Standing cable crunches 2) Roman chairs and 3) Reverse crunches on a 45-degree bench press. I usually do around 4 sets of 15 reps for each exercise.

What are the best exercises to make your pecs “jacked?”

Chest can vary on size/shape depending on your genetic makeup, but a few exercises I use myself are: Laying dumbbell flies, Incline dumbbell presses, decline cable presses, and weighted dips with a forward lean. I usually do around 4 sets of 10-12 reps per exercises.

What are the best exercises for a woman who just had a baby and wants to shred the “baby fat?”

For someone trying to lose that extra weight I would highly suggest a clean diet, at least 30-45 HIIT cardio on the elliptical, and to do some weight training. Do not be afraid to add some weight to your workouts and make sure to work your lower body. Lower body has been shown to help with weight loss, as it can be an overall body workout which requires more energy with higher intensity workouts.

You are a Bodybuilding.com Brand Ambassador. How did that happen and what is the best part about being that role?

The Bodybuilding.com ambassadorship kind of was a luck thing, I say. I have been using that website for as long as I can think of. I would tag them in my competition photos, inspirational post, and re-share their posts that I felt inspired others with a positive message. I was then contacted by them one day via Instagram about how they really enjoyed my outlook on life and how it aligned with their expectations of what a Bodybuilding.com ambassador should have.

Advice for guys trying to get legitimate sponsors for their goals in physical fitness?

My advice, is to genuinely use the products you are trying to get sponsored by. I cannot stress that enough, every sponsor that I align myself with is a product that I have used for years. If you are not a fan of the product already why would anyone want to bring you in as an outsider trying to pose as a fan? Tag, re-share, and always hashtag (#) these products, so you become more visible in the sea of millions trying to get the same exposure as you.

What is your favorite type of modeling to do and why?

I enjoy doing fitness modeling most being a fitness advocate. I like the challenge of putting myself in “shoot ready” shape and seeing how hard work can create some amazing pictures.

What has been the hardest part about your journey as a fitness person? What does it take, in your opinion; to go from “gym jock,” to a fulltime fitness professional/personality?

The hardest part of being a fitness person is EVERYONE is a critic. If you do not understand what I’m saying go look at a picture of a famous lifters like Jeremy Buendia, Steve Cook, Sadik Hadzovic, and you will see how many people have an opinion of how you should do things. It takes ALOT to go from the “Average Joe” who works out to a fitness professional. I am still growing in my fitness journey, but I’ve had to pretty much revolve life around my fitness goals. There are many hours you spending prepping food, working on photos for sponsors, editing those photos, doing research on how to take the photos but make them different enough to where it’s not a repost of yesterday’s shots. Plus, so much more, let’s not forget about the hours you spend in the gym and when in contest mode your social life suffers greatly. In the end though it is all worth it if your end goal is to be better than you were and to inspire others to keep pushing.

Right now, the USA is in the political season. A lot of nasty stuff is being said about people due to race. As a Hispanic BB, how do you deal with that type of negativity.

Honestly politics are one of the things I despise talking about with people…lol. Everyone has their own opinion and it’s always set in stone. As for this year’s nominees (I feel like this, every election year.); it is usually picking the lesser of the evils. This year I have never been more racially attacked online in my entire life than after Trump’s crude remarks about Mexicans being rapists and so on. My race now is brought into arguments when I am not even a part of it. So I will say if that is the type of division one candidate breeds I definitely will not be voting for him. As for dealing with it you just have to shrug it off, fighting with people online will never go anywhere as they feel safe hiding behind a monitor; so I pretty much just ignore or block them if they are a continued annoyance.

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