How To Make Michael Myers Mask: For Halloween 2018


HAPPY HALLOWEEN Peeps! is proud to present an arts and crafts project for the bold. Want to look like Michael Myers from the movie Halloween? Well, here you go with a quick tutorial that lists the stuff that you buy from your local hobby shop. Well good luck, have fun, and are you sure you locked the door? What about that fuse box in the basement? Send the guy with the “I’m gonna die t-shirt.” Or how about this:

MAN: “C’mon Jenny, let’s go upstairs.”

Woman: “I don’t want to.”

MAN: “It will be fun.”

Move camera forward to scene of them on the bed. His shirt is off. Woman just has bra on, possibly jeans; but definitely no panties! Guy says:

“You know what! I have a bottle of wine and some smokes in the closet. You want to relax more?”

She says: “Sure!”

Camera shows him going to the closet. Dummy opens the door. Then…….(INSERT: Screams, blood, blonde in tight bra jumping up from be screaming. You get the picture. And this mask is normally part of the scenario! Ciao!)