Hodge Twins Vs Harrison Twins – Who Do Girls Think Is Sexier?


By: Lisa Milano, Shani Moore, & Kris Milano

This YouTube clip is definitely Very Milano. We think the 411 belongs to the Hodge Twins. But to be fair, this post is written by our American office. It was agreed from everyone; Str8 Guys, The Ladies, and of course the Gay Guys; the Hodge Twins. We’re American and patriotic, we can’t help. USA all the way!

The Harrison Twins are hot and our Milano office and soon to open London office will reply in 2016; but the true B.B.C. is probably on this side of the Atlantic. We ain’t talking about the British Broadcasting Company, either. Who needs Shakesphere when you can have the mushro…, excuse us, the 411 from the Hodge Twins. (We’ll keep it clean – smile and kisses from MILANO411.com).

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