HILLARY: Director on The Telling of U.S. History


Hillary Clinton analysis at it’s best in this 4-part HULU mini-series. We did this for a movie night for the company. Learned a lot and the director drops The 411 on the myths and facts about the 1st woman in USA history that came close to really being president. For some of our readers, she did become president. But that nasty plantation relic for American Slavery called the Electoral College kept her from getting there. Sad. It will be a long time before another woman comes that close to sitting in “The Big Chair,” and with those qualifications. All predictions she made about tRUMP came true. And, he’s in bed with PUTIN too.


The new four-part Hulu series ‘Hillary’ premiered in March, and director Nanette Burstein joins Morning Joe along with Clinton’s adviser and spokesman Nick Merrill to discuss. Aired on 03/10/2020.

HILLARY: Director on The Telling of U.S. History | MILANO411