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Happy Mother’s Day from MILANO411!

Io amo la mia madre. Ella è la persona più importante del mondo!

(English: I love my mother. She is the most important person in the world to me!)

Ciao to our readers worldwide! The staff of MILANO411 would love to pay homage to all the FABULOUS mothers this Mother’s Day, 2018. May the day bring you blessings, style, peace, and of course love.

In Italy, family is everything and of course it’s the same on the other continents on this planet that we call HOME. But we hope to export the Italian version of it to you and hope that you always strive to do the mantra of Italia and the city of Milan. It is:

  1. Food
  2. Fun
  3. Family
  4. Friends
  5. And of course….FASHION!

Do everything with style and of course send nothing but love this Mother’s Day to your Mama! Ciao Tutti from the staff of both of our offices, here in NYC and of course in our home city of Milano.

Peace, love, and more love from MILANO411 and Kris Milano, Publisher & Owner…

Our lovely Diva and reader of MILANO411, Ms. Ester Lourenco. Matching shoes with Mama!

Andrea Montana, with a beautiful post and letter from her daughter. Mommy got it going on! Even in kids art. Beautiful Mom, Andrea is A beautiful Mom and we thank you and bless you on your special day!

Andrea, lives in MS in the USA (Biloxi Baby!). She works in the airline industry and is TOTAL DIVA! Happy Mother’s Day to you Boo!

Our boy from Canada, Tommy Boivin, took Mama out and made her proud. Handsome MILANO411 muscle reader that puts LTM (Low Testosterone Men) to shame! Great style and great work in the gym, and a great son too.

The evidence from Canada…

Tommy…you make the Female Staff of MILANO411 very happy!

To Mr. Armstrong from KY, in the USA. He’s bringing it and has nothing but love for his mama….

Also to Tyler and his beautiful wife and family on this Mother’s Day…

And of course, not forgetting Italy. Our friend and main Bro with the bod and style for the ladies and STR8 from the Boot….Mr. Riky Casanova. Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for checking out MILANO411.COM…

To all our readers that made the MOTHER’S DAY edit, we salute you. We’ll try to do one more of these for later on this week. Remember, all this month is dedicated to The David statue in Florence, Italy. Michelangelo spent some time in Milano too, but those Florentines got the Hunk of the Ages, The David.

MILANO411 celebrates beautiful men this month and the women (and sometimes men) that love them. Ciao Tutti!

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Featured image is of the Barney family. From TX, USA….Ciao and Buona Fortuna (Good Fortunes) to your family.