HAPPY BENEDICT ARNOLD DAY: Jan. 6th Anniversary & Where To Next?


HAPPY BENEDICT ARNOLD DAY: Jan. 6th Anniversary & Where To Next? | MILANO411

DAY 1: Dispatches for Freedom & Democracy (Love too.)

JAN. 6TH 2022 is here. We’re one year in peeps and fans of the magazine. Big Daddy Joe Biden has only been prez for 12 months. For some, it’s too long. For the rational masses of compassionate and logical America; let the man do his term and we’ll do the election in 2022 and 2024. Joe Biden has done a lot in a year. Fixed a lot of things, helped a lot of folks too. Brought back compassion to the Oval Office and a loving first lady, that is modern, fun, and cares. Also, the international prestige of the USA in the eyes of her NATO allies. Put tRump’s boyfriend Putin (Pootie-poot!) on notice. We’ll see where all this leads.

Regardless of Joe Biden’s accomplishments, the nation still suffers a trauma from the events of Jan. 6th that is still an open wound and source of pain. For those of opposing views, it is a date to be “whitewashed” and forgotten. Made to make the rest of us feel it was “only a dream” feeling that the TV show DALLAS gave us back in the day. Are we to be like Pam Ewing and wake up and discover JFK in the shower and the Orange One in jail? Melania in the arms of a much younger man and spending tRump’s money. Oh, we wish. This is a fantasy of all of us here in the office in NYC. We were working on that day and watching the normal proceedings of DC after an election and it was like the MAGA crazy trash shit hit the fan and injected with industrial grade steroids. Never in our lives as a staff did, we think we would see something like this. In other countries, YES. America??? Answer surely was big Red, White, & Blue NO! But the Orange One proved us wrong again. So, what have we learned? The answer to this and many more things we plan to explore all year long in a series of blog posts, essays, and commentary from folks. We’ll keep in intelligent, humorous, yet serious when it comes to facts and of course people’s emotions. It’s a tough space and road we find ourselves on.

Today, JOE BIDEN gave a serious and heartfelt speech. A “dagger,” is at the throat of democracy. How does one remove it? By not living in fear. By pushing for Voting Rights and showing up at the polls in 2022 and 2024. By staging non-violent protests and boycotts too. Let companies who support white supremacist leaning politicos and “crazies,” know that you have power in your wallet. The battle begins with you. Our hope that our series of posts on this subject is just the start.

To all of us here at the magazine, it’s still hard for us to believe and imagine; it’s been a year since that dreadful day of the insurrection. Our thoughts and hopes, that ALL who encouraged, financed, and help plan it be held fully accountable in the eyes of the law and brought to justice. Regardless of how you feel about JOE BIDEN, we’re happy he’s president and he speaks the truth and does his job with an awesome level of integrity and leadership. Thanks PRESIDENT BIDEN. We’ll call you out when you make a mistake, but today you earned your check. 

Ciao from MILANO411.com (Editorial Department & Other Voices)

HAPPY BENEDICT ARNOLD DAY: Jan. 6th Anniversary & Where To Next? | MILANO411



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