HAMSTER ALERT: Podium Snatcher Charged (Don’t Drop The Soap)


Play Stupid Games, Get Stupid Prizes? OR, get a large Afro-American man and friends having a party on your hairy South Florida bubble butt. OR, be traded to “patriots,” Neo-Nazis in prison for a pack of “smokes.” The Master Race will pass you around like German Potato Salad at Octoberfest.

OR, “Suck it punta bitch!” INSERT A SPANISH ACCCENT and you get our idea. Wow, it was all fun and games. Do what PUTIN’S BOYFRIEND TELLS YOU, and you’re OK. NO STUPID. You’re not OK. You’re going to jail. 

Stop creating this environment that is full of stress. Stop blaming BLM. No one killed someone in your family at Wendy’s or while walking around being white. Did BLM get a different DC treatment this past summer of 2020? The whole world thinks so. It looks like it.

Oh well, he has soft skin and long hair. He’ll make some man in prison very happy. Cheers….

HAMSTER ALERT: Podium Snatcher Charged (Don't Drop The Soap) | MILANO411

Adam Johnson, HAMSTER has been caught. The HAMSTERS live among us. Be strong. Tell them to step the “FUCK BACK.” Know your rights. Be polite, but don’t end up a victim. Ciao…


What is a hamster? – (Term 1) A cute fuzzy creature that loves to run the wheel. OR, (Term 2) in a political context; an obnoxious man with small sexual organs (like a hamster); who is trying to ruin the Dream of The World, called AMERICA. Trying to make it into something else, like Nazi Germany in WW2, or Mussolini’s Italy or like Putin’s Russia. Honorable mention goes to Spain under the fascists and apartheid South Africa too. This hamster, just posted bail for 25,000.00 USD (01.11.2021). Must have called mom and dad and said the following:

“I don’t want to be a BLM love-slave, booty boy! Mama…please wire the money.” – While the inmates stroked the hair. We’ll see where this goes.

Say hello to our new political satire columns and updates. They’re designed to make you laugh. Be good to one another and try no to kill your fellow citizen. The Purge is just a movie and it should stay that way. For the sake of the country, decency, seniors, women we love, and children. Ciao…


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