Gucci/Art Inspired Brooklyn Townhouse (James & Mark)

32 is proud to present this wonderful design gem, to you; our readers for inspiration, and love. This house screams fashion photo shoot. But it also, looks and feels like an upscale boutique hotel, just made for two. Leave it to the Gay Guys, to push FABULOUS up one more notch. James & Mark, get a big BRAVO from the Design Dept. at MILANO411. Their house is what life should be about. Love, friends, family, and creativity. Come and enjoy this great vid and if you’re a STR8 couple that wants more glam, but keep a slight masculine edge; their home offers countless ideas. Ciao from both MILANO and NYC….

Take Aways: Change is good and always EVOLVE for the better…

Our Favorites: The wallpaper on the ceiling and an upstairs LIVING ROOM. Oh…to be a liberal elite. What? Labels are so old school. Stop name calling, you silly cow and enjoy this lovely couples home. The political fights are so last season. The future belongs to those who create positive ideas and spaces; that bring people together. Like James and Mark..BRAVO. And they don’t serve BEER!

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