Goran N’Diaye: Turning Sand Into Paradise in Senegal


AFRO-CULTURE MONTH: Trade Not Aid. That’s what AFRICA wants. Let’s change the world together. Meet Mr. Goran N’Diaye from the lovely nation of SENEGAL (located in West Africa). He opened up a school to teach locals to turn desert wasteland into paradise. One where they can make money to support their families. 

Goran N'Diaye: Turning Sand Into Paradise in Senegal | MILANO411


In Senegal, one man has created a lush oasis in the middle of the desert. Goran N’Diaye is a pioneer of permaculture. Following his own success, he’s now training the next generation of young Senegalese farmers. In doing so, he hopes to change traditions and spread sustainable, ecologically friendly farming practices. Our colleagues from France 2 report, with FRANCE 24’s Ellen Gainsford.


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