GLUTES: Best 5 Butt Exercise’s For Men!

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MILANO411.com is proud to present some Glutes Training 101 for Men. Guys, a hot ass gets women. A hot ass makes you look like a model. A well developed, with strength gains, hot ass gives you the ability to grow bigger. Don’t be the guy with skinny legs and a Top Shelf Torso that is smoking, pencil-like going to take the SATs mutant legs. Looking like an alien from outer space and more suited for our Summer of Sci-Fi Issue.

This is a good workout plan from Men’s Health. The music sucks, but just turn it off and read and great graphic photos. Also, for the record and to be fair to guys who play on the other side of the GYM; hot glutes get you guys too. So if you’re Gay and single and have a “Pancake Ass,” stand up, walk to a mirror and look. The person staring back is you, is 100% to blame (some genetics too). You can cry later with your STR8 Bro who has a similar problem and seems to not meet any women at clubs and the guy that gets them has glutes and muscle legs to match, like our reader and friend Kratos, from Italy. Pics Below….Ciao from Milano.

PHOTO: Kratos Albanese, from Italy!

ABOUT HIM: Kratos is reader and fan of our magazine. Has MILANO411 style down to a science. STR8 guy and Muscle Bro from Italy that is friendly, and ladies; sad to say…quite Engaged! But alas, we include some looks from his INSPIRATION BOARD of the type of lovely FEMALES he likes. Kratos thanks for being an inspiration to men and sharing your form in all it’s masculine splendor; without regard to small minds. Focusing more on the long history of the male nude…..Ciao from both Milan and NYC.




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