Giancarlo De Carlo: Explore Brutalist Architecture From Italy



Resting in a natural amphitheater in central Italy, the University of Urbino is a feat of modern design by Italian architect Giancarlo De Carlo. Long semi-circular lecture halls are graced by grand skylights that face interconnected terraces and hidden mezzanines. In this conceptual project directed by Milanese filmmaker Michele Foti, the university serves as an isolated backdrop for a mysterious debate between two people about perception and the nature of God.

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VIDEO: Courtesy of NOWNESS.

OUR THOUGHTS: We love Italian Brutalism. It is very masculine, yet for everyone. Futurism for sure and was used for a lot of sci-fi films in from the 1960s to 1990s. Normally dystopias, but a few utopias too. The brick and masculine themes are made warmer by the use of plants and vegetation. We suggest these types of buildings are perfect for mega gyms with saunas. We hope to return to that world soon. Ciao….


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