Giambattista Valli | Haute Couture: Fall Winter 2018/2019

96 is proud to present Italian High Fashion by the very best; Giambattista Valli. Valli puts the funk and the fantasy into fashion. Forced to show in Paris, due to the French dominance of Haute Couture. Yes, according to them, THEY invented it (Hmmm…). Some say they stole if from Milano. We won’t drudge up old memories and/or those pesty “alternative facts.” The story is good and this show is a work of art. Not to be missed by the FEMALE or MALE fashionista of our very HUMAN species. Ciao from MILANO and hope everyone is enjoying our Summer of Sci-Fi. Remember, fashion, art, and music all dance to and steal from the genre known as science fiction.


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