GIALLO 101: Italian 70s Horror (Beginner’s Guide)


A wonderful documentary on a genre of horror films from ITALY and later copied by film makers in the UK and USA too. Prepare thyself and get ready to be disturbed and amazed by the cinematography too.

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Giallo is a genre of horror from Italy, predominantly in the 70s. Masters like Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, and Mario Bava did their best work on these films, which combine sexuality, violence and gorgeous colour together in a bizarre and fantastic mixture. Here’s my guide to giallo, with a warning- strong violent content throughout. Films featured: The Girl Who Knew Too Much Blood and Black Lace The Bird With The Crystal Plumage Deep Red Tenebrae Don’t Torture a Duckling The New York Ripper The House with the Laughing Windows Halloween Saw Enjoy watching giallo!