Gerald Maragos: The Master of the Muscle Renaissance


When it comes time to select people that the magazine wants to feature for our readers; we use a very strenuous and detailed process. We don’t speak to every muscle guy in the world. We want our Muscle Jocks to be more than stereotypes. We want substance, because; you…our readers DEMAND IT! There are no excuses from you, in terms of our subjects. You send in fan mail stating this and always giving praise to our selection. So in that spirit and also in line with our theme of Positive Futurism, we give you Mr. Gerald Maragos. Gerald, is FUTURO_2018. Our theme for our 2nd annual Summer of Sci-Fi celebration. FUTURO is the Italian world for future, and we dare to dream of Utopia vs. Dystopia; and only want to feature those who add to positive dialogue of our communities and Muscle Culture.
So you guys may ask, why Gerald Maragos? What is special about him? Simply put, in America and Europe too; we PREDICT that there will be two camps. Those MEN with bodies of steel and the looks and attitude, combined with HUMANISM and LOVE. Using what they got from the GYM and applying to their communities. Then there will be what MILANO411 is proud to add to modern vernacular Camp 2. Camp 2 will have LTMs (Low Testosterone Men) and their army of zombie-like complainers, excuse us; friends on social media.  Gerald Maragos will be leading Camp 1 and at the rate he’s going he’s soon to be a 5-Star general too!
The 21st century is in desperate need of men with Gerald’s courage, knowledge, and personality when it comes to living the Muscle Lifestyle and sharing with others. He always does this through both his talents and business ventures. Sharing and coaching in a positive, uplifting way. A style that is about bringing men together for a common good that builds something versus tearing us apart. So we begin this journey with Gerald Maragos and his projects. Be prepared to take notes. How to wield an ax against a zombie horde will be on the exam…Ciao from Milano and Happy 4th of July to our American friends, readers and family! Buona Fortuna!
Gerald’s supplement company…more details at the end of this article.
1. What is your secret to a “Killer Physique?” What are you doing that most men Over-50 aren’t? Most men over 50 do not eat correctly and have not learned to adapt their lifting styles to a mature lifter and continue to lift like they were 20  years old, still.  
2. How long have you been in the “Muscle Game?” In terms of lifting and bodybuilding?  I began lifting in the mid 80’s; so about 30+ years.
3. Do you consider yourself a bodybuilder or are you a guy who just lifts a lot?  Definitely a bodybuilder.  I was very small when I started lifting and continue to concentrate on individual muscles, more than groups and always looking to sculpt body parts to achieve “The Look.” 
4. Do a lot of men get jealous of you when they see you in the locker room and life in general? On a daily basis, I am given “the look” and occasionally guys will come out and say, “I wouldn’t want to get that big,” or something similar.  More often than not they just come up and say something that they think is funny like the referencing of a “gun show,” trying to be witty. 

5. How has the art or sport of bodybuilding changed since you started? Both good points and bad (in your opinion). I have grown physically and because of the sacrifice and dedication required to be a successful bodybuilder. The same dedication spilled over to my career and relationships.  I do not compromise in many areas of my life that are detrimental to my health or fitness…and generally my happiness as well. Bodybuilding has taught me that anything is possible, you just have to be willing to work for it.  No such thing as a lazy bodybuilder…we work very hard!


6. Do you think being in shape helps in the bedroom? (If you don’t mind us asking. We’ve been getting a lot of positive comments from women about your photos on Absolutely I think it helps…in a number of ways.  Humans are attracted to physical appearance and being able to present a pleasant look doesn’t hurt.  In addition, the stamina, health, and elevated hormones present as we get older compared to those that do not exercise, allows us to be more active in the bedroom as well. 
7. If a guy is Over-50, fat and wants to get in shape, what would you tell him to do first? I do a lot of consulting and the first thing is always to work on eating habits and nutrition.   Followed by some casual exercise like taking a 10 minute walk a few times a day.  Those two things always make the largest impact.  After they show me that they are serious about change, I have them schedule an appointment with a hormone specialist to get levels checked and monitored. 
8. So how many times do you lift per week and describe your routine? This depends a lot on the “season.” Competition leanness is much different than movie or photo shoot leanness, so everything changes as my needs change.  Generally speaking I lift six (6x) times a week and do cardio about the same. Then I just modify time and intensity to lean up and then drop all cardio for a few months to keep my body guessing.  I rotate body parts that I do together but try to lift every body part twice a week. 
9. Favorite part to train and why?  My favorite body part are my arms. I generally train both triceps and biceps together in an alternating super set which allows me to really shape and mold my arms, even at my age. 
10. How do you eat? I prep all my proteins ahead of time and rotate them depending on my needs of the day.  Generally speaking I eat more chicken during the day and beef, venison or other red meat, with a higher fat content toward the end of the day.  I keep my macros pretty close all year round to avoid any major spillover into white adipose and maintain a leanness.  Most agents and managers don’t want a fat client showing up to film or shoot, that is suppose to be in shape and I am my company’s billboard.  Generally I only get a couple of weeks to prep for a shoot so I don’t allow myself to get fat. 
11. You’re coming across The Pond to Italy this summer. Please tell us about this trip and where Italians and other Europeans can see you speak? Yes, I have been to Italy once before and absolutely fell in love with your country!  Last time I was in the northern part, Rome, Cortona, Sienna, Florence, Pisa, and Venice.  This time I will be in the southern region of Cambria in the city of Marina di Sibari.  I am flying over on the 2nd of August (08-02-2018) and will be there until the 10th.  I will do as many seminars, personal training sessions, consultations as my sponsor, can schedule while I’m there. I am unsure of the facility or facilities that I will be at but I’m sure a few phone calls by people interested in attending, I should be pretty easy to find.  Also, pay attention to my FB page and IG too. I’ll be posting things or contact me. My wife and I plan on retiring in southern Italy in a few years, so I will be having my eyes open for beautiful villages to call home. 
12. Please tell us about your businesses and/or sponsors? (Magnum, etc.) After returning from Afghanistan, where I trained the bodyguards for the Supreme Court there, I met my wife at a school reunion and we got married.  We started Magnum Source and I began running this business, which is a distribution and retail company.  I only use pharmaceutical grade supplements so that’s all I wanted to sell and make available to others.  I supply many gyms, stores, companies and individuals with all their supplement needs.  I also provide a consulting service which has spawned to other ventures as the Fitness and Nutrition Consultant for another franchise company. I find that education is very important! 
I have since started another company, LIFESTAFF and produce a very high end trekking, camping, hiking, and survival staff.  I am just about ready to kick off this company into the retail environment.  Everything to me is about quality, as I am sure your readers are picking up on this fact.  From my lifestyle, relationships, foods, exercise, products I make, supplements I sell and take…this is the real world of someone who accepts no excuses from himself.
13. So you’ve jumped into acting. What was that like? I had taken a twenty-six (26) year hiatus from competing and then in 2015, decided to do a show.  My wife posted a picture of me and next thing I know, I was getting contacted from a man who identified himself as a manager.  His name is Mark Rupp and we have been dear friends since that date.  He is also a producer and has MANY contacts in the industry and has been so generous in sharing those with me and getting me roles. It is my wish to continue with more work in this area, so it is definitely a motivator for me to stay in shape and always be ready when that phone rings with a part. 
14. What is Prepper’s Grove about and what is your part in it?  Prepper’s Grove is a thriller that is based on a family of survivalist “preppers” that have pretty much gone off the deep end. Plenty of action and suspense in this one.  Sorry, but I can’t get too detailed about it as it will be released this fall.  My role in the movie is of a Game Warden named Blackhurst.
15. Future acting roles in the near future? Prepper’s Grove is expected to have a sequel and at the premier of Getting Grace I was offered a role in a new movie by the writer of Getting Grace, Jeff Lewis.  Not sure when this will start filming.  
16. What part or role would you like to portray that you’ve always wanted to do? I would like to do an action movie.  I have experience in law enforcement and military, so I have experience with weapons and tactics; and I am still pretty active and athletic looking; so I think I could still pull it off. 
17. What did you do for Father’s Day 2018? What are you doing for the 4th? I am a father and grandfather so everyday is Father’s Day for me.  I have nothing special planned as I am prepping for Masters National’s in July so my diet is pretty strict.  I’m sure I will workout and mow the lawn…real exciting! For the 4th, family, friends, and fun! 
Thanks to Gerald Maragos for sharing his accomplishments with the readers  and fans of MILANO411 magazine. On the behalf of the magazine and the writers for our MUSCLE column, we wish him a Happy 4th of July this month and we know his future will be as bright as a supernova. Also, a successful trip to our side of the pond to share his knowledge, looks (muscle-art department), and experiences with those lucky enough to see him speak.
A star ready to explode onto the world; showing the masses that MUSCLE is no joke and bodybuilders defy stereotypes and will definitely be more and more part of popular culture in the years ahead. We selected Gerald because of his looks, but we knew in our gut; there was more there than just “generic beefcake.” There was someone redefining what a bodybuilder was about. Redefining the Muscle Game for lifters into the future. Giving people a role model to believe that there is hope. There are happy stories. There are gentlemen who lift weights and have brains that aren’t made of protein shakes. A man who is a devoted husband and loves and respects women. A father who loves and provides and cool to hang around with, because the other dads are usually fat. That’s Gerald Maragos and that’s why MILANO411 chose him. We encourage all of you to checkout his projects and links. Definitely go see his new movie, Prepper’s Grove too! It comes out this Fall and we’ll be doing a follow-up too.
Gerald Maragos is a true Renaissance Man of muscle and other topics, as well. No more focus on the flesh only. Fueling endless sexual fantasies of those who wish to reduce bodybuilders and bodybuilding to know more than “commercial eye-candy.” Regardless if the candy is getting consumed by women or gay men, the outcome was about objectification without any story on the human side of the individual. Gerald Maragos crushes those constraints and takes his Hercules-look-a-like look and pushes into multiple avenues of media and community engagement. Helping men and women shed fat and get FABULOUS. Becoming a thespian and positioning himself to be the Next Arnold. We love Arnold, but “thou art mortal.” So someone must pick up the crown. MILANO411 thinks in the mold Michelangelo’s David and the myths of the ancient pagan god, Zeus (Jupiter); Gerald Maragos is on a shortlist to pick that crown off the floor of the muscle thrown room.
Magnum Source Company:
LifeStaff LLC: New company will launch very soon, and will produce a very high quality, sectioned, trekking staff.  Website still in development – COMING SOON!
Getting Grace (1st Film): This film is Gerald’s first movie, and  has been released and is in theaters now! Going to Netflix soon too!  Jeff Lewis wrote this great movie, Mark Rupp is a producer and the director is the talented Daniel Roebuck
Prepper’s Grove: “My latest film is Prepper’s Grove.  The webpage promoting that is and is being produced by Mark Rupp and should be released this Fall.” – Gerald Maragos…
PHOTO ESSAY: Gerald Maragos Pics!
PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Thanks again to Gerald Maragos for taking the time to speak with us. Ciao!



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