Gerald Maragos: Age is Just a Number!


This Christmas post goes out to our MUSCLE BRO, Gerald Maragos and family. It’s a fan made inspirational video. The title is all wrong. It should be Age is Just a Number & Who Cares! Also, his age is irrelevant. To MILANO411 values and our magazine’s manifesto; we want all men to be the best version of themselves and embrace the values of both The David statue and the aesthetics of the ancient warriors from Greco-Roman times. For those who didn’t do well in school, just watch Spartacus or Penthouse’s CALIGULA. But know one thing. If Gerald Maragos is lucky, he’ll get to star in the remake of Spartacus. Whether it be a big screen, TV, or even a for stage adaptation; he’s a star in our book.

He has a body that makes much younger men jealous and women wish he was single. So we give you some inspiration. We also encourage you to read his other article. See the link below…..Ciao from Milano.


Gerald Maragos: The Master of the Muscle Renaissance


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