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George Smith has hit the IG, social media-sphere world like a cement block dropped on a bug. We’re talking total crush and he is cutting a way for himself as both a lifter and as an up-n-coming physique model, who let’s say; has the ASSETS to take him far. Butt don’t be fooled; George is a serious guy with focus, goals, and intention that far out shines the baby oil he rubs on his statuesque “glutes” that make women want to touch him and “abs” that make men jealous. Since George let it slip that he’s into the ladies, you guys that like guys might need some smelling salts to snap you awake from your dreams of him.

George Smith is a modern guy who isn’t homophobic and loves all his fans equally, regardless of who they are. Since it is election season, here in the USA; he’s what you would say; “An Equal Opportunity” type of guy. He feels his body is fine art and should be shared. George feels deeply that bodybuilding and art should always go hand-in-hand. Offering his physique to artists in his home state and across the world. With the goal of creating stunning images that provoke and also connect, him to his fans.

George hails from Colorado and has the laid back, yet sweet personality of people from that part of the American west. His charm is complimented by a strict diet and regimen in the gym that has sculpted him into a living statue, similar to The David here in Italy. Those hikes in the mountains have given him a classic Davidian V-Shape that is what the Muscle-Arts is about. On his various sites, he uses them to break barriers, meet friends, and share a revolution in body transformation. Wanting his fans (if they are male) to have a body like his. So George was nice enough to sit down with MILANO411 and drop The 411 on what he’s about, how he got that bod, and what’s next for him. Enjoy the ride….Ciao from Milano…

George Smith: He Speaks, He Challenges, He Re-defines Working Class, American Muscle….come hear what he has to say in our MILANO411 exclusive interview!

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: MILANO411 thank you and photo credits at the very end of this article. You will also find links to George Smith’s projects. Special praise goes out to George Smith for his great “selfies” and Benjamin Veronis. In our opinion, Ben has captured the beauty and Renaissance quality that is George Smith. George is literally, like the Adam from the Sistine Chapel here in Italy; touching the hand of God and a bright future in the images created. We support works of Muscle-Art that take bodybuilders and turn them into art. Ciao from Milano…

1. Why do you think you’re sexy? I think I have a real understanding as to what my goals are and I am not afraid of failure, which people respond to. I think in addition to that people respond to my physique which I’ve worked so hard at… that… and my booty gives Kim Kardashians booty a run for its money.

2. When did you start modeling and why did you get started? What was the influence or inspiration for you? I started modeling when I reached out to Photographer Allen Spiers…  the inspiration came from seeing Calvin Klein advertisements with Mark Wahlburg and I kept telling myself “I can do that!”

3.  So what is the reaction for your modeling efforts by real BROs at the gym? Is it supportive? If not, how do you deal with negative comments. My friends from home are very supportive of my goals, honestly I just ignore the bad comments if there are any.  For the most part everyone is supportive and loves what I’ve been doing.

4. Are there a lot of modeling opportunities in Denver? You need to create your own regardless of where you live. There are tons of amazing and creative photographers in my area.

5. What advice would you give another young bodybuilder that wants to get into modeling? I’d advise them just to go for it. Start networking with photographers, see how they feel about your look and how you compare to other models that they’ve worked with. Just reaching out and making that first move to make it happen. You have to be consistent and persistent on a daily basis with your diet, workout regime, and social media postings.

6. What is the vision for your website, http://www.VERYDEDICATED.COM
What can potential fans and subscribers find there?  This is my home base for people to find out more about me. It links people to all my various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube). It also allows for the public who want to have more exclusive access to my content to see more.

7. Do you consider yourself a bodybuilder who happens to model? Or, are you a model that happens to be a bodybuilder? Fitness has always been important to me but I’d say, “a model who happens
to body build,” because I started off modeling but just happened to start bodybuilding in the process. I never thought in a million years I’d love bodybuilding and want to continue all the way to Mr. Olympia.

 “I think in addition to that people respond to my physique which I’ve worked so hard at…that… and my booty gives Kim Kardashians booty a run for its money.” – George Smith, 11-2018

D is For David

“Create your own regardless of where you live. There
into modeling? I’d advise them just to go for it. Start!” – George Smith, 11-2018

“A home base for people to find out more about me.”

8. What was the most fun shoot and why? My very first shoot with Ben Veronis in Palms Springs was the coolest shoot ever! I found out he had been a designer for years and I was able to try on so many
different styles of clothes because they were available to me.

9. Tell us about your fans or followers? Any cool experiences? Most of my followers give me all positive vibes.  I enjoy being told I’m the
inspiration for someone going to the gym that day.  

10. Plans for the future with modeling? I’d love for more worldwide opportunities to occur to travel and see the world more. I want to learn from the best and the sky’s the limit. We create our own destiny!

11. Describe your diet? I stay away from junk foods but I eat everything. Its always been a struggle for me to gain weight and so eating consistently whatever it may be keeps me gaining.

12. How many times do you workout and what do you do mostly? I workout every single day without fail and I always switch it up but legs get priority since they’re the biggest of the muscle groups.  Sometimes twice a day, if a friend persuades me to go back with them and help spot them.

13. What will George Smith be doing in 5 years from now? Training people to become better versions of themselves while building a business of my own. More travel and financial independence. I will be
entering competing for Mr. Olympia in 5 years.

14. What type of music do you listen to when you workout? I listen to anything from classical to electronic dance music, and anything in between. Really just depends sometimes. I like motivating hip hop or rap too. I really like Drake and a big fan of Nas.

15. In a far future scenario, in a museum. When future generations look at George Smith collected works of photography; what do you want them to say about you, your body, and what you’re trying to portray? I’d like them to say…He’s a human sculpture, truly a work of art. Incredible symmetry, and muscle definition.

16. Any last words you wish to leave to the world within this interview? Last words would have to be; to do exactly what you want to do with your life! Anything is possible in this world and truly the only thing holding you back is yourself.

To See More of George, go to the following:

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The staff of both of our offices, NYC and Milano; would like to thank George Smith for dropping by this month and giving us a great read. George, all of us wish you the best for the rest of this year and going into 2019. Thanks for your openness and seeing your body and bodybuilding like art. You sculpt with flesh versus marble, but the result is the same. The Italian world for bodybuilder is culturista; which from the old Latin and the new stuff Dante added in, it means “to shape flesh,” like the muses. You are forever going to be a muse to our world. Ciao from Milano…

George Smith has so far racked up some great photo credits. Please go and support or Google, these fine talents. Photo credits and courtesy of:

Benjamin Veronis:

PADEN Design Photography

George Smith

Billy Addison Photos

**George has also modeled for Caliber Men Swimwear. The owner of the company personally contacted him. More here:

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