George Michael – RIP w/The Cowboys & Angels…

131 claims yet another victim to its cult of sadness and the title of the worst year in the last decade. On Dec. 25th, this “on the street,” nickname for 2016 rung true and took the life of our brother George Michael. Bowie, Prince, and now GM. We can’t take it anymore. Both of our offices are burning sage now and Praying for Time. We have Faith that it will get better, or it will end in mushroom clouds or alien invasion. Either way, we’re dressed for it and ready to take on the challenges. But George Michael was a legend and always will be an icon, and hold a special place to our American fans and a special place in the hearts of Milano.

George Michael was good friends with Versace in the 1990s. He came to shows and shopped frequently in the city. Milano misses him and definitely wants the Devil to give him back to us, because he made us all Want our Sex and in the clubs of the 1990s, he was one of the sometimes Star People, with an Amazing voice. He was a mystery and a person that was of music and that world known as pop superstardom, only shared by Madonna, Michael Jackson, Sade, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and a few more. His music was the soundtrack of many in our office over the age of 30. It was the sound of the old gyms in town and the clubs. It was heard in the summer time in Parco Sempione, while guys and girls gave kisses to each other with thoughts of Roxanne and Careless Whispers on their lips. It was the sound of the old gay bathhouse known as Thermas that is now closed, but was packed with Italian Stallions for those who were gay and looked like a commercial for steroids and had men looking for Fast Love. Then it was the sound of the fashion shows. The tracks were many, but when a George Michael song played during a show, it normally would Wake Me Up, before I had to Go-Go.

He was and always will be a legend. The tears come down and we’re all Praying for Time in this crazy world of ours. I could add more catchy songs to this essay, but I leave you with the thought that this was a man that had a voice of an angel and always kept it Too Funky for the world. Giving us his life, also sacrificing his privacy, for us. His fans. Who are eternally thankful and know he’s in a better place, with his mother and his first boyfriend from Brazil. He will never be Outside our hearts and always on our Minds & forever in our Souls.

LESSONS LEARNED (For the Millenials in the Class):

1. Listen Without Prejudice (Love & Befriend Others)

2. Freedom (Never ever, forget this!)

3. Club Tropicana (Every summer, preferably on a nude beach!)

4. Different Corner (Seek one out and never follow the pack.)

5. I Knew You Were Waiting (Be there for someone and fall in love.)

6. Never Let the Sun Go Down

7. Pfreak (Sometimes naked fun is good. It’s needed in this life.)

We’re out. From the staff of both our NYC and Milano office, we wish everyone peace of mind and may peace come to our brother George Michael’s family in the days ahead.

George Michael, ci sarà sempre l’amore. Sei un figlio di Milano e un angelo di stile.