To read more about the Couples Project and Bendykt & Elivia’s interview


PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We would also like to praise and truly thank Kiff (www.KIFFFOOD.com), for providing the wonderful sweat and delicious gift boxes and other edibles for our couples. Kiff is a food company that makes baked goods and treats that are based on South African cuisine. Kiff is South African slang for AWESOME! Thanks again to Kiff and be sure to check out their article in our new Food column to be launched this month (Feb. 2016). Thanks Kiff! Also, thanks to Armani Cosmetics for both the men’s cologne and perfume for women. See more Armani at:  http://www.giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com/   &   Superstore Milano: http://www.armani.com/

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