By Kris Milano – Publisher of MILANO411.COM (Milan Office)


A dream takes form and the rest follows. The real world becomes your servant and you its master. It starts with a simple philosophy, that we hope you all take to heart. The science of creation:

Idealization – Visualization – Manifestation…

With that said, we welcome U to our first issue of We call it the Lancia Issue. Lancia is Italian for the English word launch. What are we shooting into the void called life and its doppelganger twin known as the Web? We’re hoping it to be both a bridge and definitely a GUIDEBOOK to all things Milano. We want you to experience and feel the love and joy of one of the most dynamic and fashionable cities on planet Earth. We have a lot of love for NYC and Paris is just north of us; but we want the English-speaking world and those who practice English on the boot to have a space that sees the world through the lens of Milan and by extension, contemporary Italy. Milan is a place of high fashion and art; yet she still retains a down-to-Earth quality unlike the other two fashion capitals. She a place where the Italian Design Dream and in many ways the American Dream merge together and do a duet. One whose melody should be the soundtrack of your life in terms of living. 5F/Italia, we like to call it. In Milan, and Italy too, the 5 Fs are Food, Fun, Fashion, Friends, and Family. Mixed up and styled for your daily consumption.

Our posts will always be fun, informative, and sexy. Our focus is a publication designed for both Men & Women equally. One that gives women the tools to increase the quality of their lives beyond makeup and fashion. One that gives men the info. to build incredible, healthy physiques to match those designer labels. Plus educating American men and other English-speakers on the importance of combining what’s earned in the gym; with fashion, grooming, cuisine, and all the other things that make men CIVILIZED in a world which seems like it is composed of human beasts. To do so in a way that doesn’t compromise your masculinity, yet directs the un Feroce (savage) to the finer things in life; which normally leads to a sexy woman in your bed and on your arm. Whether you be a man or woman, STR8 or Gay; let us show you the Milan we know and teach you how to live in the Italian style.

A publication that doesn’t care about your sexuality either, and crashes that nasty American stereotype that men who like too much fashion are gay. Remember, here at MILANO411, all are welcome and labels only belong in your closet and on your body.

We’re hoping you enjoy your visit and our goal is to make you feel like one of the many ex-Pat Americans and Brits who call Milan home. Milan (Milano) is an Italian city with an international vision. That vision echoes and reflects the MILANO411 5F/Italia Concept 100% and does it with uncompromising taste, and a need to teach and share a way of life. To do it in a way that isn’t snobbish and fun at the same time. A way that adds value to your world.

So we’ll let you discover our Vlog, galleries, fashion spreads, editorials, and columns. Contests and promos are coming your way too. Free Italian designer bobbles and stuff for you. So sign up for our mailing list or even consider coming to model for us:

With all that said, we would like to add the mantra of the city of Milano:

Energy – Efficiency – Discipline…

Add these philosophical gems to your life and the world is yours!

This issue is dedicated to the memory of both Frank Sinatra (Happy 100th B-Day) & Robert Loggia. Two men that worked Italiano style to the max and are, and always will be, fashion icons in masculinity.

Robert Loggia

Robert Loggia

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra


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