FRANKIE MORELLO: Spring/Summer 2019!


Hey Peeps! If you live in the USA, don’t  have the election pull you down. Snap out of it, like Cher said in Moonstruck. There’s more to life than arguing with strangers about politics. There’s sex. There’s money. There’s the love of your family. There’s your job. Then there’s the funk that’s Frankie Morello. This is a collection that is beyond funky. It’s fierce! Starting with the music, it’s a soundtrack that is worth listening too. With lyrics that say, “I used to munstrate for dollars too!” You can’t go wrong.

The music is the backdrop to a collection of both menswear and womenswear that is too funky. We were actually saving this for our Summer of Sci-Fi. But the future is now and these looks are alien. Legal of course, and you will line up to be part of this caravan. Bringing in funky vibes, fun, youthful looks, and masculine looks for the guys. But doing what Morello does; not forgetting that a woman may want to be strong, but deep down inside she desires a bit of softness. Ciao from Milano….Remember, BLUE WAVE, RED WAVE…it doesn’t matter as long as you have love in your heart. Health and family. And of course Fashion that says I stand out from the pack. With our 2018 Designer of The Year; Frankie Morello…you’ll surely reach that style destination.


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