Frankie Morello: Fall/Winter 2010/11 (Classic Fashion)

23 presents a blast from the past, a Frankie Morello fashion show. This is in our Classic Fashion Clips of stuff that isn’t current, but you need to see it anyway. Eight years was a different time. Tech moved at the speed of light. Causing more unemployment than an immigrant caravan from South America. Who can keep up? The banks meltdown and everyone who voted for Bush acted like STR8 Guys who go to Vegas and fuck each other; and then say; “I don’t remember that man! Was your D_CK in my mouth? Get the fuck out of here!” What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And what happens after an election rarely stays only in a nation’s capital; whether it be Washington, D.C. or in Rome, Italy. It was two years into Obama and he was fabulous. Sorry to all those who love to live in HATE FILLED AND FASCIST LITE TRUMPISTAN! The drama was low and Mr. Spock was our president. He led the Free World with pride and wasn’t a puppet for Putin. That’s a post for another day.

So on to this CHAOTIC scene, came this collection. A dystopia fantasy about young people rising up and changing the world. Hmmm…sounds like something that should be revisited. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO THIS NOVEMBER! Ciao from Milano!



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