Frankie Morello | Autumn Winter 2018/19


OUR 2018 Designer of the Year! …………………………..Mr. FRANKIE MORELLO!

If there is anybody who captures the street funk of Milano and how this look should radiate to the world, it’s Frankie Morello. We chose Frankie Morello in Dec. 2017 and kept it secret. His design house pushes the boundaries of menswear and womenswear; yet he captures the key elements that both sexes wish to portray. If you’re a guy, the looks are pure power with an edge that is sure to get you noticed by females and other men who will be jealous at your FRANKIE MORELLO swagger.

For women, the story is the same. Soft edges with hard lines and fabric details that are feminine, but show the world you’re a woman and not a silly girl. There are also some Gurly looks too for those who have to make sure everyone knows they’re under the age of 25. Well…come back on Jan. 1st 2019 to find out who the next Designer of the Year will be. Ciao from Milano….



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