Former Defense Sec. Hagel on Trump’s comments: It’s degrading and despicable


The hottest story around. For us, our thoughts; no doubt he said it. He hates the military. Because of their honor code. He doesn’t even comprehend the Mission Value of “Not Leaving a Soldier Behind.” Think about this people, who lean conservative. He doesn’t even comprehend that time honored principle of the military. We’ve also noticed, by being in fashion, that you normally don’t see wounded vets at his events. Saw them under Clinton, The Bushes, and even Obama. But not him. We’ll be following this. This man needs to go. We’re on a one way trip to FASCISM, if tRUmp stays. He only wants a military like Hitler, Putin, or that of Mussolini. A military full of people with NO HONOR, that will do some truly UNAMERICAN things. Ciao…

Ciao from


VIDEO: Courtesy of CNN.

“No Defense for it. No defense for what he (tRUmp).” – Chuck Hagel




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