FASCISM 101: Why Are White Supremacists Targeting Vets for Recruitment?


Kristofer Goldsmith drops THE 411 on what to expect after Nov. 3rd. tRUmp has emboldened white supremacists to be violent and hurt people. Our prediction, tRUmp will order them into the streets. He told them to STAND BY. STAND BY MEANS, WAIT UNTIL FURTHER INSTRUCTION.

These are dangerous times and people. Don’t be intimidated. Tell them to GO TO HELL AND TAKE THEIR WHITE TRASH FRIENDS WITH THEM. AMERICA stands up to FASCISM.

MILANO411 is and always been ANTI-FASCIST AND PROUD OF IT.

Ciao and beware the DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS. MOST ACTIVE MILITARY people are pro-diversity and many are supporting Joe Biden. Democrats have been better with budgets and resources for military families.


Before President Trump fell ill, the most talked-about debate issue was his refusal to clearly denounce white supremacy and the far right group the Proud Boys. Kristofer Goldsmith is a U.S. Army veteran, having enlisted after 9/11, and he has spent years tracking the efforts of extremist organizations to recruit American soldiers. As he explains to Hari Sreenivasan, white supremacist hate groups pose a serious danger to democracy. Originally aired on October 6, 2020.


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