ETRO: 2021 Womenswear Show (Shot In Milano)


ETRO, one of our “hometown favorites;” gave a wonderful show full of color, class, and romance. The show is inspired by summer in Italy. Sit back and drink the wine and enjoy the elegance. Thanks ETRO.

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An Italian summer. A celebration of joy, happiness and roots. Proud of its Italian DNA, ETRO invites to explore an eternally charming Riviera style. In the current world, where the concept of proximity and familiarity takes on a new, powerful meaning, Veronica Etro finds inspiration in the outstanding beauty and in the lively lifestyle of her own country. Fresh, relaxed, spontaneous, the collection revisits the bourgeois spirit of the brand with its always-ironic touch.

ETRO: 2021 Womenswear Show (Shot In Milano) | MILANO411



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