Emporio Armani FW19-20 Men’s Fashion Show


Today was the day, peeps! Giorgio Armani rolled down the runway, yet another, stunning collection of menswear. A collection that made all of us in both our NYC and Milano office take notice. What we liked?

  1. MUSIC!!!! – From the start, the soundtrack pulls you into the clothes.
  2. The Cuts: All the shapes were perfect to show off a man’s shoulders and hard work in the gym.
  3. Fabrics: The details were very Game of Thrones meets the billionaire vacationing on Mars in 2195, with his wife. There was a refined sci-fi vibe that gives the wearer a cinematic look.
  4. Couples Outfits: These were excellent and proves that Armani could easily do costumes for a movie or an A-list Hollywood couple at a red carpet event. Oh…wait a minutes. He’s already done that. Well, there’s no stopping the energy and we’re the better for it.
  5. Sunglasses: Where can we get a pair? Of course from Armani.com. You’ll be seeing several styles on our promo models and as giveaways.

In a synopsis, Armani kicked off the 2019 fashion scene with a supernova of a collection of outfits that make us know Winter is Coming! Ciao from Milano…we’ll see everyone soon….


The energy of the animal world and the wide-open spaces of natural scenarios free up the horizon of the concrete jungle, the natural ambiance of the #EmporioArmani man. This collection is designed for this hybrid habitat, with its pragmatic and sporty imprint – yet it is urban at its core.

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