Emporio Armani Building Dialogues


Journey to MILANO FASHION WEEK and experience the genius of Giorgio Armani. We live in a different world now. Yet, ARMANI leads the way in optimism from MILANO and creating new dialogues that will create dreams. A wonderful video. Enjoy. 

Ciao from MILANO411.com


NOTHING CAN STOP THE FUTURE. NOTHING CAN STOP US IF WE STAND TOGETHER. #EABuildingDialogues. In a real or imaginary city, groups of people walk in an orderly, alert but frenetic manner, and their clothes, which are light both in cut and fabrics, blend perfectly into the urban landscape. At sunset, with its colours, graphics and strong sound suggestions, roads, suspended bridges, and large staircases become animated by an unusual movement. The luminous entity, as a future evoked by the community, floods the urban landscape where people, stories, talent and vision meet and connect in Emporio Armani Building Dialogues. SS21 Men’s and Women’s Collection

Directed by: Leandro Emede and Nick Cerioni

Soundtrack by: Studio Frédéric Sanchez

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