DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors!


Mark Scott…stars in our Fashion Story for Michael Kors underwear for men and MILANO411.com…

DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411

We enter the last month of our 2nd annual, Summer of Sci-Fi. Known to us and you as:


FUTURO is the Italian word for future. So this summer, like last, and next summer too…we ask you our readers, what future do you want for you, your friends, family, kids, co-workers (the ones you like!), lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, Men who have boyfriends (no judgements), and your pets too…

Will it be one of spaceships, glory, and exploration. Using science to UPLIFT and not put down. Or will it be dystopia wearing the usual shades and fabrics of a dictatorship. Tyrants seem to never go out of style! This statement should end soon. And yes, sweet Melania; WE DO CARE! That is the hope of MILANO411.COM. We’ll leave the discussion amongst yourselves to you, our noble and loving readers and fans. We love all the fan mail we get and this month has seen over 4000 e-mails roll into the office! So many thanks or Molto Grazie!

We leave you to explore our first of many Fashion Stories to be released to the public. This installment is on the character Feyd, from the classic book and films; simply known as Dune. Dune is Game of Thrones in space and so much more. We’ll let you explore the other Dune posts we have and the more to come this month; and also into the fall. The Sci-Fi vibe will be toned down for the autumn, but never off. Futurism as an art genre and a philosophy was first coined by Italians. Yes, they were fat fascists that liked Mussolini. Yet, they were trying to construct art to understand their changing world of ever evolving tech. Sounds familiar? Many of those Italian futurists were also liberals and leaned left too, and many died fighting for democracy. So the right didn’t completely dominate.

But back to Dune or her 1984 version. In that movie, we were introduced to Feyd. A tough, no nonsense punk who was an intellect, yet hid a dark side. The character was played by none other than Sting, front-man of classic band, The Police. Feyd in this scene from the classic movie, had a weird relationship with his uncle, The Baron, who actually had a “crush” on him. We won’t ruin the rest. But both the actual movie made for the big screen and the SyFy Channel portrayals from the mini-series are pretty amazing.

The Dune universe and films are very popular here in Italy, and also in our office. So we couldn’t depart the 2nd Annual Summer of Sci-Fi without paying homage to the ORIGINAL film. We selected our very own MR. MILANO411, Mark Scott.

DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411

Mark has the same hair color as Feyd (played by Sting). We didn’t dye it or anything. We then took a lighter, yet futuristic and sexy shot of Mark coming out of a hot steamed shower. The goal was to pay respect and do a fashion parody, with style of the 1984 Dune. But the other was just to show off to the ladies WHO LOVE MUSCLE, and the guys who spend time in the gym and want to look like Mark, what hard work looks like. Diet, Discipline, and Energy. That’s what takes chicken breasts and turns them into pecs of steal. Mark Scott did this during the shoot and before during his prep to look this good (THANKS MARK).

Mark Scott, sports Michael Kors designer underwear with a Blackout Design, that is a shimmer, yet masculine. Giving the dude a sleek garment to show off his LOWER EXTREMITIES.

This underwear is perfect to wear on your wedding night or that special night with your beautiful woman. It has a built in enhancer, that when Michael Kors released it, he got some strife. Haters gonna hate and remember our mantra, “Haters Make U Greater!”

DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411

But both Mark Scott and Michael Kors don’t care about opinions of lesser men and those who aren’t fashionable. The pouch is designed for two types of men. Men who have and those who don’t. For the record, the young lady doing Mark’s makeup had a chance to see the goods and no ENHANCER was needed. But if you’re lacking in that dept., Michael Kors has you covered. It makes your STUFF look bigger. And for those who are blessed, Size Still Matters, but it gives a comfortable “cup” look under jeans and perfect for slacks too. For those Corporate Casual guys who wish to make the women a little hot in the office. It AIN’T THE COFFEE!

IT’s YOU and MILANO411 hopes to see you wearing more Michael Kors. If you’re a MAN (Uomo) reading this, you worked hard in the GYM. So show it off. If you’re a WOMAN (Diva), treat your man to something nice and unique.

DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411

So for sophisticated designer underwear that keeps the ladies interested; checkout Michael Kors.

PHOTO: MR. MILANO411, Mark Scott sporting MK designer underwear. Shot by MILANO411 stylists for http://www.MILANO411.COM

DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411

More Mark Scott….Let The Spice Flow!

DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411

Where to buy…Michael Kors of course:


DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411

Ladies…more sexy men can seen here, at MILANO411.com. See the links below and you know who get your purses from. The Bags Must Flow…from Michael Kors….

DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411



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DUNE Fashion Story: Mark Scott for Michael Kors! | MILANO411


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