DOTY 2021: Michael Kors – 2021 New Year Greetings


Happy New Year! The year, known as 2021 has been born. With much love and honor, we present our DOTY 2021. DOTY is short for Designer of The Year. Every Jan. of a new year, the magazine selects a new DOTY. We pay tribute to them for one calendar year. Doing a fun magazine campaign focused on programs that highlight the genius of the award winner. 

For 2021, our magazine staff selected MICHAEL KORS. Mr. Michael Kors has a “Heart of Gold,” and love for fashion and life. He loves integrating style and giving people choices. That’s what fashion is about. But at the same time, he has lines of clothes that work with simplifying your life. Buy 7 to 8 outfits by this man for work, line them up and you will have a look that everyone in the office is talking about. Don’t work in an office? No problem. You’re one of our no-nonsense, Macho-Man male readers. MICHAEL KORS has you covered too. He offers masculine leather jackets, gym bags, back packs, colognes, sunglasses, and sweats for the gym. 

For the LADIES, the choice is obvious. It’s all “in the bag.” For these purposes, MICHAEL KORS has you covered too. His bags have gone into pop culture and if you want that glamourous, red carpet feeling; sport a Michael Kors purse or handbag out and all the women will rave about your fashion choices. 

Michael Kors captures the spirit of NYC, yet he incorporates the craftmanship of ITALY in his designs. So popular and good at it, when you see women or men in ITALY, rocking “Americano” style, it’s usually Michael Kors. 

We love you Michael. Congrats on being our Designer of The Year Award Winner for 2021 (DOTY 2021). MICHAEL KORS is the king of “jet set,” American style. 

Ciao Tutti…







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