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Donatella Versace – CFDA


Hmmm…Where should we begin? At the top of course! That would be DONATELLA herself. Ruling Versace in true MILANO411 Diva Style….

This vid is a quick overview of her and her brands. Versace is definitely a powerhouse label from Milan. Not to be missed by the stylish man or woman. Ciao…

Michael Lowe for Versace – DylanBlue Cologne!

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Lady boss and Artistic Director, Donatella Versace is honored with the 2018 International award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) – a look at her life as told by her creative collaborator, Audrey Versace.

The MILANO David (4Ladies): Rocky Santos

The David (4LADIES): Jacopo Batisti from Italy!