Dolce&Gabbana: The Naked King Spring Summer 2019


Time Travel will probably be frightening one day. To see the multi-verse in all its glory could be scary. But this isn’t THE SUMMER OF SCI-FI issue. It’s Halloween, Damnit Janet! is proud to present some evidence to the powers of our magic. Are we witches and sorcerers? Maybe? But we’re definitely magicians of style and we pull out some bulges versus a rabbit. The bulges go with handsome faces, washboard abs, and of course everyone’s favorite, the bubble-butt. Well, at least for the women that love them! We will lay out the evidence for your consumption. (Ladies…only squeeze a bubble butt on a man, if it’s your man or the stripper at your cousin’s wedding shower!)

Exhibit A isn’t Michael Myers knife, nor is it OJ’s bloody glove; nor is it Donald Trump’s “ugly child” in the attic, with a chain around his neck income taxes. Rather a fashion show featuring underwear for men. Three years ago, when the concept of this publication was designed; we said we were going to do designer underwear for MEN. At the time, people laughed. Yes, Children of the Night; fashionistas in NYC and even gay Paris laughed. But not in Milano! Where the menswear market and design reach is two-times bigger than that of gritty NYC or even snobby Paris. But even the Milanesi gave cultural pause.


Underwear fashion shows were really only for store buyers, select stylists that normally had a male clients; like a someone like Jon Cena or another professional  sports star. No one went to them except industry. We introduce the Naked King fashion event sponsored by one of favorite brands and Promo Partners of Style, D&G. Or known, by the formal as Dolce & Gabbana. D&G did this show to promote all its undies for men and accessories of style. Gym bags, backpacks, etc. All the stuff you need to put the gym clothes into. Also, protein shake, alcohol swabs, DECA (oops!).

This show sported a 1960s Playboy Mansion, Go-Go music meets Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. Funky and fit was the vibe. The show in entertaining and fun and the man-candy is what lonely women need this scare-fest season. Remember ladies, you’re stalker could look like one of these guys. Hopefully he’s harmless, if not; buy a GUN!

So a fashion blog changed the world? YES and Molto-YES! See, since 2015, we’ve noticed some interesting trends going down the runways of Milan, NYC, and now Pretty Boy Paris. That fabric is MUSCLE! Some huge and others of the Swimmer’s Build variety, yet still there. Beefcake is back and we’re proud that we led the way and didn’t let certain critical circles comments stick! You want a taste of the candy readers?

“I don’t know, bodybuilder men take those steroids. No one is interesting in seeing them.”


“They’re sexy, but not fashion. What woman likes that? I don’t like that.”

She said this as our executive team made presentations showing bar graphs of gym growth in the states larger then a BBC C_CK from one of those naughty films with three Xs (XXX). We did notice a wedding picture of a man that looked like he was a more female than male. Not hating, but man-boobs are never in style! And the ladies can attest, no woman wants a belly on her back! (Woof!…insert sexual position with the word dog in its title)

So we take some time to drink some booze and remind you, OUR LOYAL READERS AND FANS; MILANO411 is here to stay and we plan to shape fashion too. Are we the only voice? HELL KNOW! We’re talking Hellboy No!, too. The other voices of course, come from YOU!


Ciao from Milano…