Does “Outland” Take Place Within The Alien Universe?


A wonderful analysis on these two incredible sci-fi films and their connections. The research done is solid and this is a must see for fans of both films. If you’ve never seen OUTLAND, please rent it now. For the last month of the our Summer of Sci-Fi, we’re looking at the joys of UTOPIA vs. DYSTOPIA. What is Outland in this analysis? We say a little bit of both. Probably UTOPIA for the owners of the large Con-Am company that owns the mining installation. DYSTOPIA for the miners that work there. 

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VIDEO: Courtesy of Alien Theory. Wonderful group and channel. Please follow them on social media and support their projects. See the ABOUT section for LINKS. Ciao…

Does "Outland" Take Place Within The Alien Universe? | MILANO411


Over the years, fans have drawn comparisons between Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and Peter Hyams’ “Outland,” but do they take place in a shared universe?




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