DIVINE & Cha-Cha Heels!


Christmas is almost over in America. It’s the 26th here in Milano. We wanted to give some Christmas levity to the mix. This is a classic and technically it shouldn’t go into DIVA. But the DIVA column is about strong women who defy the odds and make gold out of lemons. The comedic gold of the late Divine is incredible. This is from Female Troubles, by John Waters. If you haven’t seen it; get it now. A great laugh.

Also, be grateful for the stuff you got. Some people have no feet to put on the imaginary Cha-Cha heels. For men, remember that there is a guy in a wheelchair who wish he could complain about leg day. Have a good 26th. It’s Kwanza. Pass the cornbread and other afro-goodies!

“Crime enhances one’s beauty!”


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