Italy’s version of Batman or is Batman America’s Diabolik. Say hello to the hottest comic book character, circa 1968 big screen adaptation. This romantic, and super sleek film clip of his secret lair was ahead of its time when it was made. Diabolik has more in common with Robin Hood than Batman. He steels from criminals and the rich, and gives to the poor. But in true Italian, “keeping-it-real” fashion; he keeps some for himself.

Italy makes a lot of film characters like that. We call them “gray.” They aren’t 100% “squeaky clean,” but not evil either.

Also, another fact; similar to James Bond; he has some killer gadgets. The bad guys are over the top too. To lovers everywhere, may you find love, hot sex, and some money too this year.

(CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR FULL VIEW and visit our home page for the 1968 movie preview – not to be missed!)


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