DEPECHE MODE: Behind The Wheel (The Casualty Mix)


Come dance and CHILL with us! A long format mix of the incredible DEPECHE MODE. The vibe is chilled, yet you can dance to it or give you a soundtrack to move to. This mix has a dark edge to it. Like what you would hear in an underground nightclub or fetish bar, yet it’s perfect for those with runway dreams. Even if you do your FASHIONISTA thing in the gym or in your bedroom. Strut your stuff with pride. Show it off if you have something to show and just be fabulous. This mix by DEPECHE MODE will allow you to do all that. The song is perfect for car cruising, the gym, cardio, projects, and “wake-up” music. Drink coffee and crank those speakers.

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DEPECHE MODE: Behind The Wheel (The Casualty Mix) | MILANO411