DAVID ISSUE: How to deal with unwanted looks @ work?



DAVID ISSUE: How to deal with unwanted looks @ work? | MILANO411

Well…well. The “juicy” question for some muscle men. Mostly in semi-conservative America. Why are American muscle men so shy? Why aren’t you guys using your muscle to get you new prosperity and abundance, with honor. Not doing things that would make the folks faint at Thanksgiving if they saw the footage or pics. We’re talking about being smart. Having marketing collateral made out already. Giving it out to those ladies, Muscle-BROs and those fabulous gay guys. Why? They can become new customers, and/or spread your concept to others who will pay for your services. We posted this on the site, but we’ll recap here.

DAVID ISSUE: How to deal with unwanted looks @ work? | MILANO411

You’re a bodybuilder and you’re doing construction or landscaping. It’s hot as fuck! You strip down. But not too much. Then the ladies honk their horn. Guys say something. You notice a man that keeps on smiling at you and looking at you. What to do. Well, it depends if you own your own business or work for someone else. If you work for someone else, you must be cognizant of corporate policy and not do anything that would offend the looker and/or cause them to file a complaint to get you fired. So you should:

  1. Smile.
  2. Say something nice and keep working.
  3. Maybe make a Muscle-Pose if it’s safe to do so.
  4. If their attention is bothering you, politely say that you’re trying to do your job. Guilt works here. Mention you have mouths to feed or a mortgage or rent to pay and that you don’t come to their place of work and bother them. But do this politely. Also, you can “blame it” on your supervisor. For example, “My supervisor doesn’t like when I talk to pedestrians.”
  5. Depending on your work, you can hide behind safety. “Oh…you’re too close.”
  6. Lastly, never put your shirt back on. Why? The next person that goes by could be a model scout and then your life could change forever? Hopefully they’re for real and the rest is faith.


1. Say hello and say something flirty and full of positive energy.

2. Ask them do they like what they see. If they say YES, then pose.

3. When they want a photo, take it if you can. But then that’s when you give them a flyer or business card.

4. Ask them to nicely spread the news about your landscaping, personal training, or construction services.

5. Stress that calls are for business and no “funny business.”

6. If you live in America and are a vet, play this up with other vets and patriotic people for more business. Everyone wants a vet to cut their lawn or build a fence.

7. If the person is getting to sexual, just stress you have a business and/or mention you are married and loyal.

8. If the pass is same-sex, don’t “freak out.” Use it to get a lucrative micro-market, known as upper class Gay and Bi Men. They need decks built and lawns mowed too. Just stress you like the adulation, but if hired; you’re there to work. Not play out a gay fantasy. Then ask them to give your business cards or flyers to other Gays and Lesbians. Lesbians make wonderful customers for the polite and respectful straight bodybuilder. So don’t ask if you can watch her and her girlfriend or wife do it. Remember, you’re there to build the deck, patio, mow the lawn, etc.

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DAVID ISSUE: How to deal with unwanted looks @ work? | MILANO411


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